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19 March 2018

Retanol XtremeIn response to new building regimes and speed requirements, the range and diversity of concrete additives and levelling screeds has increased significantly over the last few years.

Part of Degafloor’s customer support is to ensure all contractors are supplied with the correct information, tools, and guidelines. In line with this practice, Degafloor have also always offered a screed testing service to ensure compatibility between the substrate and the Degafloor resin systems. The Degafloor technical team dedicates a 28-day testing period to carry out numerous compressive, moisture and bond tests to ensure compatibility with the screed being tested. The bond test process also confirms which primer is best suited for the screed. This information is then passed onto all our installers.

More and more architects and specifiers come to Degafloor requesting a list of approved screeds for projects, as they want to ensure they are compatible with the Degafloor systems. In the past, Degafloor have advised the use of Ardex A35 or Uzin KR410. Whilst both are fairly expensive products to install, they are quick drying and able to reach an acceptable compressive strength within 48 hours. They are also fully compatible with the Degafloor resin solutions.

Degafloor have tested an innovative, new to the UK market, additive for fast track installations, which offers low shrinkage and low tension cementitious floor screeds, namely PCT’s Retanol Xtreme. This product helps to enhance pumping and workability and provides a guaranteed drying time of 72 hours. With this additive a compressive strength of 22 N/mm₂ was reached within 24 hours, with a moisture content of just 3%. Degafloor’s moisture tolerant primer achieved an excellent bond with the added benefit of no mechanical preparation required, providing a much faster and more cost-effective solution.

In line with Degafloor’s policy regarding selling to an approved list of fully trained contractors, Retanol Xtreme can only be installed by an approved partner. For further details on this product please contact Michael Lea at PCT Chemie UK Ltd (, Tel: 0151 345 7390) or the Degafloor Technical Team who will be happy to assist. 



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