Safety first at Wolves FC

21 July 2017

Wolves FC, like many leading sports clubs, are making continuous improvements to their facilities to enhance spectator safety.    As part of their summer 2017 projects, Wolves asked Degafloor approved partner, Flo-Dek (UK) Ltd, to help improve slip reistance in a key part of the stadium.

Over recent years, access for disabled spectators at major sports venues has improved dramatically, especially in regards to viewing areas.  These areas are now often directly pitch/track side, which provides a great view of the action, but can leave these areas more exposed to the UK’s variable and inclement weather.

Having recognised that the exposed position of their disabled viewing area meant that the floor could become slippery, Wolves FC asked resin flooring specialists, Flo-Dek (UK) Ltd, to come up with a solution that provided excllent slip resistance, whilst still looking good.

Following a site survey by Dave Cope, Sales Director and a lifetime Wolves fan, the Degafloor FB system was specified, as it is ideal for use in external areas and offers excellent levels of slip resistance.

The project was completed in early July to Flo-Dek’s renowned very high standard. 

Wolves FC are delighted with the finish and Dave is incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to enhance the stadium of his beloved team.  

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