Don’t be a tool!

5 March 2018

Degafloor toolsBad workmen always blame their tools, but with the Degafloor full range of quality tools and accessories, there is no excuse for anything but perfection! 

What always seems to ring true, usually in hindsight, is that using the wrong tools can have disastrous consequences for the job. After conducting a thorough research, Degafloor has added to its already extensive product range, a wide array of high performance application and finishing tools, and a selection of precision tools, all of which are designed to help installers achieve consistent, high quality resin floor installations whilst saving time.

In line with Degafloor’s ongoing efforts to improve application methods, the company now also offers a variety of tools, which help to bring operatives off their knees and enable larger projects to be completed in a standing position whilst still achieving the best possible finish.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when applying a resin floor, and unfortunately tools often seem to be an afterthought. However, to achieve a professional finish and improve the health and safety of operatives, tools should be an important consideration and now Degafloor can provide everything you require for the perfect job delivered directly to site as one package.

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