Degafloor RTUs uncovered…

27 August 2018

RTUWe often speak of our RTU product range and how great it is, but to many, RTU is still somewhat of a mystery term, so we thought it might be a good idea to once and for all lift the lid on RTUs and let everyone in on the Degafloor secret language.

So what is RTU? Degafloor RTU describes all Degafloor products, which are ‘Ready To Use’, including line marking, area marking, pothole repair, concrete repair, and most recently also a jointing compound. All of these products are preformulated or supplied in kits, so they are easy to use and ultra-fast to install, making them ideal for quick repairs or small works.

RTU line marking – designed with safety, performance and longevity in mind and ideal for painting new or repainting work traffic management lines, applying stencils, or creating crossings.

RTU area marking – available in a wide range of bold UV stable colours, exceptionally durable and safe, making them the perfect solution for bus lanes, cycle lanes, footpaths, walkways, playgrounds, and anti-skid surfacing.

RTU pothole repair – Also known as Degafill. It provides a fast curing, permanent pothole solution, able to cope with thermal movement of road surfaces throughout the year without compromising the strength and integrity of the bond to the surrounding areas.

RTU concrete repair – comprising Degafloor’s High Strength repair mortar and Deep Fill. These fast curing systems can be used to consolidate and strengthen weak concrete substrates, repair holes, and other areas of damage.

RTU jointing compound – a highly elasticised MMA jointing compound, which has been formulated to provide improved levelling properties and reduce installation time, suitable for both internal and external application.

Degafloor line marking, area marking and joining compound can be ordered in a number of standard colours but can also be supplied in bespoke colours, subject to a MOQ. We now also offer DegaGlo luminescent seal in areas of low lighting and where emergency markings are required.

For further information on all Degafloor RTU’s and other products as well as up to date datasheets, please contact us on 01778 342545 or email



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