Degafloor ID Cards – the picture of trust

5 November 2018

Degafloor ID CardsKnown for their exceptional quality, Degafloor resins are exclusive systems and only available to carefully selected partners who share Degafloor values, with customer trust, satisfaction and quality always at the forefront.

To build and maintain the position of a respected go-to MMA expert over the years, Degafloor has always sourced its resins from only one manufacturer, Evonik Industries in Germany, who happens to be the market leader in innovation and product excellence in various specialist chemical applications and can therefore offer consistent product quality and unmatched technical support.

To further promote and nurture customer trust, Degafloor operates a strict supply policy, which means the company only supplies resins to carefully chosen installation partners who, in addition to their existing in-depth MMA knowledge and proven application experience, are also required to undergo technical and installation training with Degafloor.

Up until recently, upon completion of the Degafloor training, the contractors received a named certificate to confirm they are trained to Degafloor standards, which enabled them to carry out installations using the Degafloor resins.

Now, Degafloor has enhanced its certification procedures and alongside a certificate, all approved installation partners are also awarded individual photo ID Cards, which means customers can rest assured their projects are always in safe hands and being completed by installers who have successfully completed the Degafloor training.  

These photo ID cards are valid for three years, before the card holder needs to be reassessed thus ensuring that they are always at the forefront of new methods, products and processes.



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