Degafloor gaining ground!

9 July 2018

Degafloor team

To accommodate the company’s steady growth, Degafloor Ltd has recently embarked on a major office expansion venture and is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the project has now been completed with a truly delightful effect.

Degafloor Ltd, which began life just under 20 years ago, has seen phenomenal growth over the years and today the company is one of the UK’s leading resin system suppliers best known for its high-quality products, unsurpassed technical know-how, and unrivalled customer service.

Going from strength to strength and winning increasing amount of business every year, Degafloor Ltd has outgrown its current premises, so the expansion of the company’s grounds is an important milestone in enabling the business to continue providing customers with the highest levels of service excellence as well as creating more room for growing the Degafloor team.



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