Degafloor dressing for a seasoned foodie…

23 July 2018

HiltfieldsHiltfields is a renowned Norfolk based producer and supplier of added value food products to major UK retailers. In line with their ongoing development strategy and to maintain the highest standards of safety and functionality, the company’s project managers have recently made plans to refurbish and update a number of their manufacturing facilities.

To ensure the products chosen for this project are fit for purpose and adequately suited to each of the production areas, Hiltfields sought advice from specialist flooring contractors, The National Flooring Company Ltd, who have over 40 years’ experience in specifying and installing a variety of resin flooring systems within the food and drink industry.

Having completed a thorough site visit and discussed the full spectrum of requirements with the client, The National Flooring Company Ltd recommended using Degafloor resin flooring systems, which are specifically designed to fulfil even the toughest demands of the food and drink manufacturing environments.

Subsequently, Degafloor QTA system in russet red with coving at 100mm high was applied to blast chiller; the installers also carried out detailing to drains and doorways and due to much faster cure times, chose to use a Degafloor solution over a PU system to complete repairs in the herb room. In addition, Degafloor 131 fast curing concrete repair was used to restore failing substrate in various areas across the entire production plant.

Degafloor resin flooring systems have been specifically developed to offer unrivalled longevity in areas where conditions are particularly demanding; they are based on ultra-fast curing methyl methacrylate technology which lends itself particularly well to industries where the requirements for speed of installation, flexibility and performance are paramount.

Hiltfields’ project managers were more than pleased with the end result and offered much praise to The National Flooring Company Ltd for selecting and skilfully installing the best product for the job.



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