Degafloor adds royal touch to Millfield school kitchens

7 February 2018

Millfield school commercial kitchen flooringMillfield school is a truly inspirational place with fascinating history. From its foundation in 1935, with six princes brought from India, the school grew steadily over the years and by the mid-80s its student numbers reached nearly 500. Today, Millfield is one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls aged 2-18 years.

Since its very first day in operation, the school has embraced rapid changes and progress in more ways than one. It is not just the school’s curriculum that is continuously reviewed and improved, but the premises are also subject to regular makeovers to ensure Millfield offers outstanding education in correspondingly high standard facilities.

One of the latest refurbishment projects involved installing new kitchen floors both in the prep and senior schools. The existing vinyl finish was around 6 years old and showing significant wear, so the client required a replacement that offered considerably better slip resistance and durability without the need for frequent repairs. It was also essential that the new floor could be installed fast to avoid causing disruption to students and employees.

The services of specialist industrial flooring installers, Inca Flooring & Structural Ltd, were called upon to offer advice and guidance in selecting the most suited flooring solution. Having carried out a thorough site assessment, the contractors recommended using an ultra-fast curing non slip Degafloor FB resin system with associated coving.

Degafloor FB flooring finish is specifically designed to deliver outstanding hygiene, performance and safety even in tough environments such as commercial kitchens, canteens and food technology areas. In addition, Degafloor resins can be applied in a fraction of the time required to install most traditional solutions and are ready for full use in less than two hours after installation.

The project was completed during Christmas shutdown and the Millfield school managers were delighted with the result. 

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