Car park season is fast approaching & first impressions are everything!

29 March 2019

Car park flooring Parking facilities are often the first part of a site that customers will see, and first impressions are everything! With car park season just around the corner, and with strict safety regulations, sustainability demands on the rise and increasing expectations concerning the visual features of car park design, choosing the right product has never been more important.

Car park operators and designers are now looking at resin-based systems to deliver significant long-term advantages. The use of resin solutions can help to create a seamless car park surface that is clean, functional and appealing while providing durability, slip-resistance and water-tightness.

Degafloor have developed a range of MMA based car park decking systems, which can be used across exposed decks, inter-decks, ramps and walkways.

System specifications will vary dependent on which deck is being protected and what issues may be apparent. Potential challenges may include, structural movement, thermal cycling, abrasion and wear, chemical exposure, UV exposure, poor drainage and possibly existing system failure.

Degafloor systems are specified to overcome and prevent all of the above.

Why choose Degafloor MMA?

  • All Degafloor systems are rapid curing and are fully cured within 1 hour of application down to temperatures of -10⁰C and ready for full vehicular traffic making projects possible all year round
  • Systems are available in a range of bright, attractive, UV stable colours to help create an inviting and visually appealing environment
  • Degafloor systems provide excellent levels of skid resistance and can be tailored for heavy duty areas
  • Degafloor solutions provide exceptional chemical resistance and thermal stability while maintaining a flexible yet durable solution
  • Degaf;ppr systems can bond to a wide range of substrates to provide superior longevity and exceptional waterproofing capabilities
  • Alongside main deck solutions, Degafloor offers a range of associated products and services to address interface areas, line marking, demarcation requirements and substrate repair
  • Fully certified to EN1504 and provides crack bridging performance to class B4.2

Resin systems truly lead the way in terms of high performance and superior waterproofing characteristics. Resins enable endless design possibilities, making them ideal for creating safe, practical and strikingly attractive spaces with a welcoming feel to all visitors.

So make a good first impression and choose Degafloor!




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