African roads – soon to be better than in the UK!

11 September 2017

Following 6 months of technical and commercial discussions, and extensive road trials, Degafloor is pleased to announce the first shipment of our DegafillTM pothole repair system to a major new customer in Africa.  

As with many countries in the world, potholes can blight the road network.  These holes not only cause damage to vehicles, but are a major road safety issue for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike.  The issue is even more pronounced in Africa where there can be vast distances between major population areas, so an injury or damaged vehicle can, at best, become a major inconvenience and, at worst, a significant personal safety issue.

Our new partner is a start up business comprising of experienced and influential chemical industry, highways and infrastructure professionals who see a real need to repair potholes in a fast and reliable manner, in order to minimise long term costs and maximise Africa’s continued economic development.

Initially, DegafillTM kits will be transported from the UK, but the longer term plan is to localise production under licence in various locations across Africa to reduce lead times and create jobs.

Speaking on behalf of Degafloor, commercial director James Wright said ‘Degafloor is incredibly excited about this opportunity.  Our partner has the experience, influence and credibility to make a real difference in infrastructure development and asset maintenance right across Africa.  It is really refreshing to see entrepreneurs and local governments that can plan beyond a 12 month budget window to deliver much lower lifetime value.  This initiative could soon see key African roads in better condition than their UK equivalents’.

Degafloor would welcome any export enquiry for DegafillTM, a truly innovative way to resolve the world's pothole crisis.

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